Delsco Synergy

The Delsco Synergy

Our concept of a synergy working relationship is based on our strong belief that we needs to work with our clients in a collaborative manner, building on each others’ strengths. Clients bring to the table their expertise and experience in their line of business, while Delsco adds value from our pool of extensive expertise and experience in consulting by providing best practices, guidance, coaching, advice, tools, facilitation, coordination and development. Delsco’s contribution is mainly focused on enabling success through the change process (the RHS loop of the chart). The guideline at all time is the client’s business goal.

In the market economy where competitive race continues to intensify, organizations have no alternative but to perform equally effectively in business operations and introduction of changes for their survival and growth. Delsco’s support through the change process enables the client to achieve equitable balance of focus on both ‘mainstream business operations’ and the ‘change process.’

Any organization that fails to embrace the concept of continuous renewal falls into the spiral of mediocre and its own peril. Those that embrace the renewal concept revolutionalise performance for continued survival and growth even at the heights of competition and changes in market trends.






Delsco Business Principles